Art+Film (+ Celebrity) for New York Times Style

Posted on November 11, 2014 in Editorial

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a little under a year now so I guess it was time I had a peek (with my camera, of course) at a celebrity red carpet and gala. When people think of LA, they often think of this. This is such a minuscule part of LA, but it’s definitely here.

I won’t lie, I am very intrigued by the idea of celebrity, especially the idea of seeking it. Standing next to a bullpen of 50 screaming photographers (really, it was terrible to listen to, so terrible to listen to that I recorded audio of it), I found this price of fame a little repulsive. But that’s just me and to be honest it was interesting to shoot. But the wait in line to be yelled at by complete strangers and then have them post those photos on wire services for websites to post and critique you on your appearance is a strange world to want to be a part of to me.

This specific night was the annual Art+Film Gala at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and was to honor artist Barbara Kruger (who I wasn’t allowed to photograph) and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and was hosted by Eva Chow and Leonardo DiCaprio.

My job wasn’t to photograph celebrity photos on the red carpet, it was to be a fly on the wall at the event, so it was to step back and look at the bigger picture–include the photographers on the carpet, get some key names, but also make some Kendrick photos amongst the rush. Lucky for me, I had a person from a PR company walk around with me and point out important artists and museum heads and celebrities because I was in a dark room of 600 people and it all became a bit of a blur.

Also, Boy George and Culture Club. Live. (I was only allowed to witness that performance for a record 30 seconds, though. No, really. Photographers are both a tool and a nuisance, I’m learning.)

My take is below. My photo editor’s edit, which has more of the stars, is HERE.

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