Bite Mark Analysis for The Intercept

Posted on September 3, 2015 in Editorial, Portraits

I headed to both Ventura and San Diego to photograph two distinguished dental experts for an interesting story in The Intercept called “Bitten By Experts: How the Flawed Science of Bite Mark Analysis Imprisoned a Man for Murder

The story revolves around a murder case that was determined by a bite mark on the victim. Two key players in this story are Dr. Michael Bowers (seen immediately below) and forensic dentist Dr. Norman “Skip” Sperber (at bottom). Both men were very generous with their time and my challenge prompted by the photo editor was to create dark and moody images to fit the tone of the story. I photographed Mike in his dental office and Skip in his home.

The story is an interesting one and I encourage you to read it because the two share opposing views on the validity of bite mark analysis, which I had never questioned nor thought much about before working on this project.


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