Ca$h Out for FADER

Posted on September 19, 2012 in Editorial, Long-term Project, Portraits, Rap

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I was so happy to not photograph another rapper in a dark, smoky studio that I told Atlanta rapper Ca$h Out that I was down to tag along wherever he wanted to go. We first met in his downtown condo, and then I followed him across town to a wings restaurant and then into a neighborhood to stop and say hello to some friends. I should note that when I say “followed,” I mean I raced in and out of traffic on I-85 as fast as I could trying to keep sight of his car.  It felt like a high-speed chase because I’m the least aggressive driver in the ATL. (That reminded me of the time I was riding in the backseat of Waka Flocka’s car as he sped up I-85, with his music blasting.)

I should add that right when I walked into his condo, I sat on his couch and he left me in the room with that huge stack of cash on his coffee table. When he came back in the room I said, wow, you trusted me with your money right away. He said, “I counted it twice.” Ha!

I really enjoyed this afternoon photographing Ca$h Out because he didn’t put up any airs because I was there with my camera.

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