Pro Surfer John John Florence

Posted on November 21, 2015 in Portraits

I photographed surfer John John Florence for The Wall Street Journal on the beach in Santa Monica. It was the same day I photographed actress Rebel Wilson so I went straight from this shoot to the studio to photograph Rebel. The story was about John John’s work-outs after an injury, and also to promote his upcoming film View From a Blue Moon (watch the trailer — I got chills it is so beautiful and believe me that I have never in my life cared to watch a surf movie… until now). I asked him to stand in the ocean for a portrait and I rolled up my pants (brilliant idea to wear pants, y’all) and waded in a little and then a wave came and hit me mid-thigh and then I got to go photograph Rebel Wilson with buckets of sand up my pants.

Nailed it.

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