Let’s Catch-Up: From TIME to UMass to NPPA and more

Posted on January 14, 2013 in Editorial, Interviews, News, Sun City, Workshop

This is a whirlwind post of what I’ve been up to the past few months, y’know, other than taking photos:


I’ve been interviewed about Instagram quite a lot:

I was interviewed by TIME:

I made my second appearance on TIME’s esteemed LightBox blog in December and I went against the grain this time:

Unfiltered: Photographers React to Instagram’s New Terms, December 18, 2013

I was interviewed by The NPPA:

In March 2012, when Instagram had 13 full-time employees and around 35 million users, Atlanta photojournalist Kendrick Brinson decided to sign up. She saw the App as a way to share her personal photography.

From Top Five Photojournalism Stories of 2012, December 31, 2013


I was interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek:

Photo editors and photo buyers got a view into photographers’ processes and lives. We saw photographers Jake Stangel travel the world and Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks fall in love.

From “Instagram Does Damage Control. Can It Keep Its Core Users?,” December 18, 2012. More HERE


I was interviewed by The New Yorker:

Brinson, who is based in Atlanta, first visited Sun City three years ago, in advance of Sun City’s fiftieth anniversary. On this, her eighth visit, she brought her iPhone, and posted a selection of her photos to The New Yorker’s Instagram feed.

From “Old Age in Sun City,” December 18, 2012. More HERE

and an edit of more images can be found HERE.


I lectured at The University of Massachussetts, among other schools:

In November, David Walter Banks and I headed to Massachusetts to give a talk and also a presentation at The University of Massachusetts in Amherst. In 2012, the two of us spoke at Ohio University, University of Miami, Western Kentucky University, RMTF in Caracas, Venezuela and UMass (and I did a Skype interview with a photojournalism class at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). I have truly loved it (and have started to overcome my fear of public speaking, though I still talk a mile a minute and tend to say at least one embarrassing thing per talk, as well). Each school is a little different, each student is a little different, but my emphasis on balancing passion for storytelling with learning how to run a photography business remains the same.

The Daily Collegian wrote an article about David’s and my visit to UMass. Read it HERE.

Thank you to all the students and professors we’ve met. Speaking with you all has lit a fire under me to push myself to continue my personal photography.

Any photographers or teachers or professors out there who would like two professionals to come in and do a talk, do portfolio reviews, lead a workshop? Please let me know! Contact me at studioATkendrickbrinson.com


I was interviewed by Photoshelter about my 2013 Plans:

It’s fair to say I adore Photoshelter. They provide a great product for photographers that I use every time I work with a client. They provide a full online archive for photographers and just yesterday, when I was on the road in rural North Carolina, I was able to sell an image to a client by just sending her a link to a high resolution image.

Not only that, but the people at Photoshelter are really awesome. (By the way, if you’re in Atlanta, they have a free event January 21, 2013. Come and say hello!)

Anyways! They were kind enough to include me in this article: 14 Respected Photographers’ Plans to Jumpstart Their Photography Business in 2013. There’s some great business advice in there, so check it out.

David Walter Banks and I partnered with The Photo Brigade:

The Photo Brigade is a great community online for photographers. There are always great links to new work, gear reviews and more.

David Walter Banks and I partnered with The Photo Brigade and Talenthouse for a pretty incredible contest. Because of so much of what we love to do is personal photography, we judged a personal portraiture contest. You wouldn’t believe the incredible entries we saw (over 1,000!!!!). And the prizes were amazing, too–from a gift card to AdoramaPix, an Impossible Project Polaroid kit, a Lensbaby, a Photoshelter memebership and on and on.

See the incredible winners HERE.

Also, watch an embarrassing video (thanks to my mess-ups) about the contest shot in our dining room: HERE.


I helped organize the first Slideluck Atlanta:

I was part of a team that helped bring Slideluck to Atlanta for the first time. It’s been a goal of mine to become more connected to the Atlanta photography community and this was a big step towards that. The event was incredible and I was also honored to have my images from Sun City: Life After Life included!


Psst! By the way, you can also always keep up with me at https://twitter.com/kendrickbrinson

Also, I invite you to follow me on Instagram! I am @KendrickBrinson. You can see my cell phone images HERE.

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