A Reminder to Remember on Film

Posted on June 4, 2015 in Personal Work

Time has gotten more slippery recently.

Work has started to consume more of me (or my time, I suppose), which actually makes me quite happy because I’m one of those few lucky humans who happens to love (obsess over) her job. But still, it’s hard to process everything when it passes by so quickly and I’m moved on to the next thing without catching up on sleep between.

I take photos for many reasons–I love noticing things other people don’t, I love meeting people and hearing their stories, I love how holding a camera turns off the background noise, I love how being a photographer leads me places I’d be too afraid to go without it, but I also take photos to try and freeze time for a hundredth of a second for my own personal memory log.

Day before yesterday I was flipping through old Instagram posts trying to find a photo I shot a couple years ago and I was happily reminded of so many things I’d (sadly) forgotten between.

So these are just a smattering of personal photos I shot the past half year, almost entirely on my little point and shoot film camera (and a couple on my Rolleiflex). A walk in a swamp with my mom and husband on New Years Day and sparklers the night before in Atlanta, sunset worshipping with a crowd of photographers at a workshop I spoke at, my birthday, his birthday, our anniversary, a dear friend’s trip and our tiny adventure, one hell of a man having a personal drum session on the side of the highway en route to Malibu, Valentine’s Day at a date festival with zebras, a picnic in LA with two wild little boys.

They’re imperfect reminders of I was here, that thing we’re all shouting into the void of social media every day.

It’s a blur and I’m always grateful that I have something to look back at to remind me to remember.

To try and hold on to the past–something so slippery it’s already¬†fallen¬†out of my hands.

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