Christy O’Donnell and the Right to Die

Posted on September 4, 2015 in Editorial, Portraits

I met Christy O’Donnell in her home. She was warm and welcoming. When I arrived, her friend was just leaving. “She insisted on bringing me lipstick,” Christy said with a beautiful mauve covering her smile, “because she says I always look washed out in photos.” Her eyes then darted to me, “Well, I AM dying.”

Christy has lung cancer that has spread from her lungs to her brain.

90 minutes earlier I was sitting at my dining room table in my sweaty gym clothes and then got a phone call from The San Francisco Chronicle and here I was on a last minute shoot talking to a dying woman who didn’t want to die but doesn’t have that choice. Now Christy is part of a California case asking the state for the right to die on her own terms with medical assistance. Read that important story HERE

If you’re interested in finding out more about Christy’s story, you can watch an interview with her on NBC here , an interview with Katie Couric here and there’s a story about her in People Magazine here, as well

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